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Felix Lembersky is one of the very finest Russian artists of the second half of the twentieth century. ... I was struck by the fact that many historians of Russian art had not previously known of his work - an indication of how profoundly ignorant we ALL still remain with regard to Soviet culture and how much work we still have to do to compensate for the silences and confusions brought about by censorship and propaganda.

                                                                  -- Robert Chandler, London, 2012


I feel certain that Lembersky will assume his rightful place in the history of twentieth-century Russian Jewish art.  His creativity and his courage should serve as exemplars to all who value art and freedom.
                                                                  -- Jonathan Sarna, Brandeis University, 2012


Felix Lembersky is an artist whose high quality of work deserves to be known by a larger audience and this volume [Felix Lembersky. Paintings and Drawings] will go some distance in helping him to gain the recognition that he merits. … 
                                                                    -- Ori Z Soltes, Georgetown University, Ars Judaica, 2011

It is palpably apparent to me that Felix Lembersky’s work, particularly his portraits and images of people from the last three decades of his life, reflects an extraordinarily powerful impulse to transform his viewers, to touch them in ways that renew their sensitivity to each other and to the world in which they live. 

                                                                    -- Joe Troncale, University of Richmond, 2011


Lembersky’s most compelling work deals, ultimately, with human experience. …[B]ecause he accepted the artist’s discipline and responsibility as witness and conscience for his time, he kept his integrity and made his images universal.
                                                                    --  Alison Hilton, Georgetown University, 2011


Felix Lembersky is a major artist; he is a man of independent views and courageous actions; he lived an extraordinary life—and he deserves to have a prominent place in the history of art.”
                                                                     -- Irina Karasik, Russian Museum, 2010

These works stand as a mute reminder of the devastation of wars

Fabulous collection with a very compelling and timely mission

Vibrant, moving, thank you for making this possible

                                                                         -- From exhibition guestbooks, 2011