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...Elena Zaytseva emphatically agrees about the importance of Lembersky to the Russian art history narrative: “Especially now it is very important to understand … that the art world in the Soviet time in Russia couldn’t be easily divided into official and un-official art because here we see an example of a very avant-garde artist, very non-conformist artist who at the same time was a part of the Union of Artists and was hugely respected by official artists as well as un-official in St Petersburg…I believe it is a really important artist for Russian art history and it is important to show his works now because basically the art history of Russia of the twentieth century hasn’t been written, [although] [t]here are a few versions, a few models of describing the art world of the Soviet period. It is important that this artist appeared and became known at the very moment when we are trying to understand what was going on in the art world in Russia.” ...